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Inspiration - Rebecca's Poem

Iíve had such a busy week
Let alone a hectic day.
Iíve not got time for quiet places,
To read the word or pray.

At work, there are demands on me,
Duties to be met.
So I can take home personal gain,
I forget my daily bread.

But itís not like you make it easy Lord,
You must admit itís true.
Why canít you scout a little closer?
Why must it be I seek you?

And I tried butÖÖÖ.
I woke up with time only for a shower,
No morning prayer, not even grace.
I had so little sleep from worry,
See the frown on my face.

But I listened to the radio B105,
You never made a sound.
Perhaps you only speak to 96.5 listeners,
Why arenít you ever around?

The traffic was just terrible,
But I finally made my way.
To the building where I work, do you know it?
Itís where Iíll spend my day.

Come visit sometime,
Make yourself useful, answer the phones.
Iíll fit you in between meetings,
I feel so very alone.

I get home from work exhausted,
Try to make dinner, but fall to my knees.
Wherever you are these days Lord,
Come hear me Lord wonít you please.

Youíve heard all my excuses,
But now I say some truth.
My busy life canít sustain me,
When I have no time with you.

He answers softly, so caressingly,
Words that soothe my aching heart.
My child, Iíve been waiting for you,
Iíve been here from the start.

I watched over you as you slept,
Hoping together weíd welcome the day.
But you were rushing through the morning,
No time for reading, prayer or grace.

Wasnít the traffic horrendous?
I was in your passenger seat.
I doubt youíll hear my voice over that radio station,
It really isnít me.

At work I tried to stay beside you,
Warming your coffee and your thoughts.
But you closed your mind to all but your job,
I wonít force through closed doors.

Darling why donít you let me hold you,
Take a minute or half an hour.
Tell me your troubles, how can I help?
I have quite a bit of power.

Letís take a walk, write a poem,
Forget the world and its sorrows.
Draw from the depths of my strength,
To get you easily through tomorrow.

And so my Lord and I walk together,
He has time whenever I can,
He is always supporting me, loving me,
In His strength, it is easy to stand.

Rebecca Mickan 18

Brisbane, Queensland
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